What is Lingualized Occlusion and Why Does it Matter?

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Are you ready to be more, do more, and better serve your dentist and patient? Go beyond what you learned in school and listen to an entirely new perspective on occlusion. Comprehend how dentures work and function on soft tissues by understanding the details of hydraulics in the mouth. A patient without difficulty or sores in the mouth is a patient referring people to you or your dentist.

Count up your adjustments. How many are you doing in a week? A month? What is the cost to you? Are you doing them for free? Learn how attending to the details can cut that in half – and what that will do from a business and patient satisfaction perspective.

Learn why the details matter and how it will lead to greater satisfaction for you, your doctors and patients while increasing your lab’s profitability.

Upcoming Workshops:

“Unlock Your Bite, Unlock Your Problems” featuring instructor Marc Wagenseil, CDT, D.D.

  • San Antonio, TX – October 14-15, 2016
  • Miami, FL – November 4-5, 2016