Tech Tip: Easily customize substructure-free PM 9 pressings with VM 9 ADD-ON powders.

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PM9 Add-Ons Tech Tip
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Restorations made from VITAPM®9 without zirconium oxide support may only be individualized with the low-melting VITAVM®9 ADD-ON materials at 780°C to avoid any deformation during firing. Use VITA Glaze LT powder or paste for glazing at 780°C
(low temperature).

Since substructure-free VITA PM 9 restorations have a lower strength than restorations with zirconium oxide support, they may only be cut back up to one third to individualize them with VITA VM 9 ADD-ON materials later on. Deep notches must be avoided prior to individualizing.

In addition, VITA VM 9 ADD-ON materials can be used as corrective materials when repairing or adding color nuances to layered VM 9 restoration. The low-fusing VM 9 ADD-ON materials are ideal to add that last minor characterization without distorting your final restoration.


vita-pm9-instructions-for-use-l-1450Reduced anterior crown for individualization
with VITA VM 9 ADD-ON.







Individualizing with VITA VM 9 ADD-ON.






vita-pm9-instructions-for-use-l-14503Individualized anterior crown prior to firing






vita-pm9-instructions-for-use-l-14504Platinum pins should be used since the black firing pins may adhere to
substructure-free restorations and – due to the shape – cause cracks
in the incisal edge.





vita-pm9-final-add-onCompletely individualized restoration on the working model






 Download the working instructions to learn more.