Tech Tip: Achieve proper firing temperature with this simple test

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Don’t let temperature fluctuations due to environmental conditions effect your final restoration results.

A quality engineered furnace will help you optimize and control final restoration esthetics. With a simple test, you can dial in your porcelain’s “sweet-spot” by test firing a tab of window porcelain at the highest temperature possible.

The properly fired tab of window should come out clear enough that you can read through it when 0.8 to 1.0mm thick. If it comes out “frosty” or “grainy” raise the final temperature. Some firing trays may require an adjustment of > 25c degrees.

Be consistent in your firing procedure and always use a visual conformation test to ensure strong, natural and esthetic results.

A properly fired tab is clear. If the ceramic, appears to be frosty or grainy, the firing temperature is too low.

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