Easyshade® Software Updates


By clicking the links below you can download a folder to your computer that contains the software update as well as a Word document that will guide you through the process of upgrading your software. If at any time you have questions please all us at 800-828-3839 and ask for software upgrade support. Or you can email us here: equipmentsupport@vitanorthamerica.com


VITA Easyshade Original (E75-100)



VITA Easyshade Compact (GX10-004)


VITA Easyshade V (DEASY5)



VITA Easyshade V update should only be applied to the Easyshade V devices.

The Easyshade Compact software upgrade should only be used on versions 2HW, 2K1, 2UFq, or to reinstall 325. Software version 337 is the highest level of software for Easyshade Compact.

Please DO NOT attempt an upgrade different versions as this can damage your device.

Click here to visit VITA’s download support center for software updates for furnaces and additional support materials.