Two teeth, only one consistent shade

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 Increase patient satisfaction by maintaining shade integrity following adjustments.  

As you see in the video, VITA premium denture teeth ensure an accurate shade match no matter how thin you have to grind and adjust them.

Distinguish your practice with VITA Premium Teeth

  • Shade and esthetics: Consistent shade integrity and match even following adjustments and grinding
  • Uniformity of strength and wear efficiency: No delamination or splintering
  • Fast, easy set-up: VITA teeth practically “glide” into preferred set-up
  • Personalized anatomy: Personalized look and lifelike lingual anatomy for natural tongue feel and speech
  • Training and education: VITA offers an extensive series of hands-on workshops by leading experts.

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In no way do I compromise quality by using inferior materials. This ranges from high-end denture teeth such as VITA teeth to high quality denture base material. – Dennis Urban, CDT.