VITA Golden State Getaway Sales Tools

Use the below sales tools to get ahead in the VITA Golden State Getaway.  Leverage these resources to help CEREC doctors go beyond traditional crown processing to increase CEREC system use by expanding indications to include onlays, implants and anterior restorations.

A $2,500 travel award is up for grabs!


Increase CEREC system sales by helping doctors deliver implant restorations in a single visit

Dr. Sameer Puri shows how easy it is to incorporate the VITA ENAMIC IS block into the CEREC workflow in the video below. VITA ENAMIC® IS can help CEREC doctors increase profitability with a simplified patient workflow for up to 50% faster chairtime and proven clinical performance.


Increase CEREC system options to include onlays

Download this free case study by Dr. Todd Ehrlich to show CEREC Doctors and prospects how VITA ENAMIC onlays allow you to leverage a minimally invasive treatment plan, generate higher ROI and deliver the perfect blend of tooth-like characteristics.



Show CEREC doctors personalized esthetics in the anterior is easy

Download the free case study below by Dr. Mike Skramstad to show CEREC doctors and prospects how VITABLOCS® TriLuxe delivers long-term natural esthetics with perfect fit and translucency.



Increase CEREC system sales to include anterior restorations

Click on the video below and share with CEREC doctors and prospects to demonstrate how easy it is to deliver personalized esthetics in the anterior with VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte.


Increase CEREC system sales to include implants

Download the free case study below to show doctors how VITA ENAMIC implant-supported restorations can be manufactured and integrated within one treatment session.



What crucial aspect determines whether an implant succeeds or fails?

Use this video to to show CEREC doctors what crucial aspects determine whether an implant succeeds and how to avoid implant failure. 

All too often clinicians assume that the stronger the restoration material, the better. But as you saw in the video above, zirconia and glass-ceramic materials can be so strong that, due to their brittleness and inability to absorb occlusal forces, they can limit natural function and possibly lead to failure. The optimal material provides a blend of strength and force absorption.

With all the characteristics of a natural tooth, VITA ENAMIC IS delivers unrivaled resiliency and force-absorption for more successful implant treatment as part of a biomimetic approach.