Deliver Implant Restorations in a Single-Patient Visit

Yes! I Want to Know More About ENAMIC IS!


In the video below, Dr. Sameer Puri shows how you can expand your CEREC workflow to include VITA ENAMIC Implant Solutions, quickly and easily.

With all the characteristics of a natural tooth, VITA ENAMIC IS delivers unrivaled resiliency and force-absorption for more successful implant treatment.

  • Greater Force Absorption:
    ENAMIC-implant supported crowns absorb 71% more mastication forces than zirconia restorations – much higher than either glass ceramic or gold alloy.
  • Higher Implant Success:
    Clinical studies demonstrate an increase in survival rate of 98.7% with ENAMIC implant-supported crowns.
  • Faster Chairtime
    With no furnace required, ENAMIC IS decreases chairtime by up to 50% compared with other CAD/CAM material.

See for yourself!