Ken Chizick, CDT, RDT


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I choose VITA because VITA has a family of products that are system oriented towards excellence in shade management that produce the highest aesthetic results. They offer uniformity and consistency with respect to shades that are unmatched.

VITA Stands Behind its Products 100%. VITA does not release a product until it has reached its highest quality and technological standard. They are conservative in their practice to release materials and equipment, but when they do, they come out with first rate products. The company is very supportive and stands behind their materials and equipment 100%.

Ken Chizick_3D Shade Guide tabs20-Year VITA Advocate. As one of the longest working advocates for VITA North America, I have been privileged to have such a long and established history with the company of over 20 years. As an advocate, I am able to use the shared knowledge that I have acquired through advanced training with VITA, to offer insight to other dental professionals and assist with the development of VITA products. I have had the pleasure of being involved with the development and testing of some of their best selling materials and equipment, while also providing feedback. I particularly enjoyed assisting in the development of the 3D-Master Shade Guide. I am able to critique and make recommendations and VITA listens.

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Experience Counts. I have been in the dental technology field working as a dental technician/ceramist for 25+ years, dating back to when I first started as a dental technology student. Over the years, the materials have been refined and enhanced. Process, color accuracy, shade and selection of teeth have all improved over time. I often work on extreme cases that have very unusual, specific requirements. But for me, the patient and quality of care comes first, then function, then everything else.