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I choose VITA because…they are proven, reliable, versatile and simply esthetic. VITA CAD/CAM products and lab porcelains help me achieve the excellence that I demand, and that my patients deserve. More than 20 years of personal experience with VITA tells me that I can get it done right the first time, and can trust the long-term, end result.

At Dental Expressions, You’re Like FDr. Richard Masek and staffamily.  My approach to dentistry is simple. I present the best treatment options to my patients as if they were members of my own family. I perform their dentistry with excellence and maximum comfort and strive to provide the best technical dentistry available. In my office I want my patients to feel as if they are visiting a friend at home, not enduring a stressful event. My years of experience, attention to detail and caring and attentive staff help make that happen. 


Dr. Richard Masek using VITA materialsVITA Products Just Work, Better. I find that VITA materials and shade devices make my clinical decisions and the treatment that I render, better. VITA porcelains are lifelike and easy to use and the VITA shade devices allow me to quickly arrive at the right esthetic result. I use several VITABLOCS, including Mark II, TriLuxe and TriLuxe forte. I also use Zirconia for bridge frameworks and VM9 build-up for stacking porcelain.

Dr. Richard Masek_Close Up beforeBefore     A Bride and her Blocs. The most demanding case that I have encountered was the creation of six highly esthetic anterior veneers for a patient, just two days before her wedding. This patient initially came to me for Invisalign therapy. Several years later, she made an appointment on a Wednesday for a routine cleaning. She had one tooth with a large resin on it and her cuspids were worn down. She mentioned that she was getting married on Saturday and wanted to get her front teeth done before her wedding.
Dr. Richard Masek_Close Up AfterAfter     So after taking some time to clear my calendar, I did a mock-up and then sent her home. She came back the next day at 7:00 a.m. to prepare and deliver six veneers. She liked the mock-up as is (as did her fiancé and her family), so we picked incisal translucents and used a correlation mode to duplicate the mock up. We were pressed for time as the patient had to leave at 2:00 p.m. to pick people up from the airport that day. We finished just ahead of schedule at 1:55 p.m. A follow-up appointment was scheduled for Sunday to take photos and to deliver new retainers. The reliability and ease of use of VITA CEREC Blocs and VM9 addition porcelains allowed me to accomplish the case with ease and confidence and to achieve the final esthetic result. Her smile was beautiful and she loved the way it looked for her special day.