Filler-free cold-curing polymer resin for extra-oral fabrication

VITA VMCC cold cure polymer resin is ideal for producing beautiful long term temporary restorations. VITA VMCC is an unfilled, acrylate based polymer which polishes to a high luster. VMCC offers four minutes of working time and self cures completely in ten minutes. VMCC is available in 18 3D-MASTER shades, 15 classical shades and one bleach shade (0M1). All shades are available in 30g and 100g powder.

VMCC can be used with any traditional technique for creating provisional restorations and may be placed with any temporary cement. When shade customized temporaries are required, VMCC is ideal because in addition to the dentine shades, there are also enamels, necks, and translucents.


  • Outstanding flowability
  • First-rate mixing behavior
  • Easy polishing
  • Greater color stability than comparable systems
  • The ideal combination of bending strength and elasticity modulus ensure extreme material stability and lower fracture rates
  • Bubble-free curing, with or without pressure pot

  • For all applications involving temporary restorations and extra-oral repairs
  • Full crowns and bridges
  • Affixing shell crowns
  • Affixing teeth to model casts
  • Covering attachments/joints on fixed removable restorations

PDF Downloads:

• VITA VMCC Product Information (1560E)

• VITA VMCC Working Instruction (1439E)