VITA VM®LC Indirect Composite

VM LC Indirect Composite

Ceramic meets composite

The new and improved VITA VM LC enables unlimited creativity for any indication, so that you can achieve esthetic restoration results that are virtually indistinguishable from those of ceramics. The excellent, proven shade stability and high plaque resistance speak for themselves and are your guarantee of quality. Experience a new level of freedom now also available with paste opaquers and additional new shades.

VITA VM LC is available with new materials and in the new ergonomically-shaped syringe made of special light-proof plastic.

More reliability with PRE OPAQUE
PRE OPAQUE enhances adhesion for metal frameworks, perfectly hardens even with little light and enables an even opaquer layer.

Save time with OPAQUE PASTE
Accelerated processing, fast polymerization and perfect framework coverage: That’s what OPAQUE PASTE stands for. Its homogeneous viscoelastic consistency makes application very user friendly: It spreads easily when applied and ensures optimal stability on edges as well as on retentions.

VMLC Buildup

Unlimited flexibility thanks to

  • Two shade systems for accurate shade-taking and shade reproduction: VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and 10 VITA classical A-D shades. New: A4, B2, C2 and C3
  • A wide range of additional materials. New: EFFECT ENAMEL EE2 for yellowish- white incisal areas.

PDF Downloads:

• VITA VMLC Product Information (1227E)

• VITA VMLC Working Instruction (1200E)