Ed McLaren before VM13 After dentistry by Dr. Ed McLaren
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  Dentistry and ceramics by Dr. Ed McLaren


  New Effect Opals, Sun Dentines and Sun Opaques now available:
   Thanks to the range of the new firing-resistant Effect Opal materials (EO) in five shade nuances for VITA VM13, a suitable material is now available to reproduce the natural situation: from highly opalescent to whitish, and bluish to dark violet.
   Three new Sun Dentine materials add much more luminosity and are particularly suitable for supporting the shade effect of the ceramic in the cervical and body areas.Sun Dentine porcelain
  Warmer shades of restorations can be easily achieved with the three additional Sun Opaque materials. The materials are simple to use and can be mixed with other VM13 opaque materials or used undiluted.

Sun Opaque porcelain for warmer VM 13 shades

  VITA VM®13 ceramic veneering porcelain offers outstanding physical properties, handling characteristics and, due to the homogeneous distribution of both glass phases in the fine microstructure, clinical wear characteristics that mimic those of enamel.VM 13 has a CTE of 13.1-13.6 and is ideal for veneering metal frameworks that have a coefficient of thermal expansion in the range of 13.8-15.2.VM13 is available in 3D-MASTER and VITA classical A1-D4 shades.
  VM anterior restorationThe revolutionary formulation of VITAVM®13:

  • Extraordinarily kind to antagonistic dentition.
  • Optimum firing stability, which preserves shades even after several firings.
  • Low firing temperature and reduced shrinkage.
  • Excellent shade cover with the new higher chroma, higher opacity Base Dentines

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