Abrasion Resistance – VITAVM®7

A NEW Generation of non-antagonistic ceramic materials from VITA
High abrasion on opposing dentition may cause patient discomfort and dissatisfaction. Previous generations VITA materials and most contemporary ceramics have Lucite crystal particle sizes greater that 30µm. Such large particle sizes leave microscopic rough surfaces that encourage greater wear rates of opposing enamel than does natural enamel.

VITA pioneered the NEW generation VM® ceramics with a much finer microstructure, to such a level that, in tests, VITAVM7 material used on VITA In-Ceram for CEREC® frameworks, is the closest known ceramic to natural enamel in terms of wear and enamel loss. Part of the studies involved a large number of ceramic and composite resin materials opposing human or bovine enamel.

VITAVM7 is a complete revolution in the microstructure of ceramic material with finer particle size, yet with no detriment to the flexural strength of the material. Results of laboratory tests indicated that only VITA OMEGA 900® has a greater flexural strength than VITAVM®7.


Source: McLaren EA, Giordano RA, Pober R, Abozenada B. Material Testing and Layering of a New Two-Phase All-Glass Veneering Porcelain for Bonded Porcelain and High-Alumina Frameworks, Quintessence Dent Technol 2003; 69-81

VITA In-Ceram is one of the strongest, most popular and proven metal free systems available. Restorations using VITAVM®7 material built onto In-Ceram cores make incredibly strong, occlusion-friendly restorations available.

They also provide the added advantage of being biocompatible and therefore will not create the risk of receding gum lines caused through gingival reaction, which is commonplace with standard metal-supported restorations.