Preparation and Cementation


Preparation of pre-molars and molars
For posterior teeth a simplified occlusal relief should be prepared to provide more space for the ceramic material. In the occlusal area at least 1.5 mm of space is required.
Preparation of anterior teeth
The incisal area of anterior teeth should be reduced by 2mm.
General preparation information
The preparation can be carried out either using a chamfer or a shoulder preparation with a rounded interior angle. A circular cutting depth of one millimeter is required. The vertical preparation angle should be 3°; parallel preparation is possible if clinically required. All transitions from the axial wall towards the occlusal surfaces must be rounded.
A feather edge margin is not recommended, as it does not provide adequate reduction for the porcelain buildup. Cementation information inVizionTM restorations are suitable for non adhesive cementation with glass ionomer or zinc phosphate cements or adhesive bonding with the self-curing materials such as PANAVIA 21 TC or the dual-curing PANAVIA F (Kuraray).
Pretreatment of zirconium dioxide restorations prior to adhesive fixation 

  • Sandblast the inner surfaces of the restoration using aluminium oxide (max. 50 μm) at a pressure of 2.5 bar.
  • Avoid contact with the cleaned surface.
  • Etching with hydrofluoric acid is not possible. Silanizing is not required.
  • Please observe the instructions for use of the manufacturer for the adhesive materials.
Removal of integrated restorations
In the event of a crown having to be removed it is recommended to use a cylindrical diamond instrument at a speed of 120,000 rpm while ensuring maximum cooling with water.