VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6000 MS Sintering Furnace

Experience Blazingly Fast HighSpeed sintering

The new VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS sintering furnace is capable of sintering up to 25 units as well as 9-unit bridges in 80 minutes starting from room temperature. The furnace has been rigorously tested and proven to provide stress-free, gentle cooling to 400ºC for white and industrially pre-colored VITA YZ materials. Conventional firing processes are also pre-programmed and the ZYRCOMAT can handle high-temperature sintering for all dental framework materials.

HighSpeed, conventional or user-defined sintering – the choice is yours. Offer your customers Smile in One Day service and extend your firing system with the option of operating several firing, sintering and combined pressing units simultaneously from one VITA vPad control unit. (Note: The VITA Zyrcomat 6000 MS requires a 220v electrical supply)

 Features and Benefits

•  Fully automated

•  Sinter up to 25 units simultaneously

•  Plug-and-play operation with VITA vPad Controller

•  Four molybdenum disilicide heating elements for superior heat distribution

•  Two extendable trays

•  LED display bar and acoustic signals for firing status from a distance

•  Innovative ventilation system for long-lasting protection

•  2-year warranty

Pearls in the sintering dish keep frameworks from dragging - which can lead to fit problems By using “pearls” in the firing dish, VITA assures consistent framework shrinkage. Other furnaces can have issues when sintering bridges since the framework “drags” on the plate as it shrinks.
 Zirconia 9-unit bridge  9-unit bridge frameworks require a strut attachment and are sintered without the VITA pearls.
 Structure integrity is retained whether HighSpeed or conventional sintering is chosen This SEM shows a conventionally sintered vs. VITA High Speed sintered framework (at right). Note the consistent structure and grain size when compared to a conventionally fired framework. This is a clear indicator that material properties have not been affected due to the HighSpeed process. Grain size approximately 500 nm.

• VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS Information (L-9497)

• VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS Operating Manual (1859E)

• VITA vPad Operating Manual (1622E)

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