VITAPAN® PLUS acrylic anterior teeth

The classic choice among anterior teeth – newly designed as a response to customer demand


Vitapan Plus denture teeth from VITA for highly esthetic anteriors
The VITAPAN PLUS anterior is the customer oriented further development of the well-proven VITAPAN anterior tooth.

The VITAPAN PLUS anterior is a good, esthetically attractive tooth with a natural appearance which satisfies the demands placed on a solution-oriented design with regard to all anatomical features; when it comes to esthetics, these teeth go beyond merely meeting the standard.

The VITA MRP (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic) material – proven over decades -which is used in VITAPAN PLUS, is still unrivalled thanks to the lowest abrasion values of acrylic teeth.

The VITAPAN PLUS anterior are available in VITA classical and 3D-MASTER shades. The new, compact assortment comprises 10 upper anterior and 5 lower anterior moulds.


The VITAPAN PLUS anterior can be combined with the following assortments: VITA PHYSIODENS, VITA LINGOFORM, VITAPAN CUSPIFORM, and VITAPAN SYNOFORM


  • For natural esthetics: whitish incisal margins
  • For a richly nuanced play of colours: opalescence, luminescence and translucency
  • For lifelike light reflection properties: authentic surface morphology and individual mamelon structure
  • For effective lip support and for maintaining the patient’s individual physiognomy: horizontal and vertical tooth curvature characteristics.
  • To conserve the patient’s phonetics and the accustomed tongue sensation: nature-identical palatal surface design
  • For a natural-looking, esthetically convincing result: pronounced tooth angle characteristics.
  • For emphasising the patient’s individual appearance, labial marginal ridge design suits the patient’s type
  • For richly facetted, age-appropriate and hygiene-friendly gingival modelling that ensures interdental closure
  • For a well-proportioned design of the interdental spaces with effectively concealed construction elements: slightly broadened tooth necks featuring a smooth transition from tooth cervix to crown


•  A Guide to Complete Denture Prosthetics (1511E)

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• The perfect combination for anterior esthetics and posterior function (10226E)