VITA MFT® Multifunctional Denture Teeth


Conventional? Lingualized? Why Choose? Get both.
VITA MULTIFUNCTIONAL TEETH (MFT) represent a completely new and revolutionary entrant in the denture tooth market – a value-priced, premium performance denture tooth line offering the ultimate in functionality (posteriors can be set in either lingualized OR conventional occlusion) within a limited mould range – perfect for laboratories looking to reduce inventory and improve efficiency without sacrificing esthetics or performance.

VITA Multifunctional Teeth are offered in 23 moulds and 17 combination VITA 3D-Master/Classical shades for versatility – and their intuitive design offers fast set up time and enhanced productivity. Two added bleached shades (OM1 and OM3) are also available!


Save Time and Make More Money!
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Feature Benefit
20 degree posterior Enables multiple occlusal schemes (lingualized OR conventional occlusion with one tooth line); reduces inventory
Densely cross-linked PMMA resin Hard, homogenous tooth, abrasion- and craze-resistant but not brittle, for exceptional wear
13 combination VITA 3D-Master/Classical shades Blends with VITA restorative materials and perfect for combination cases. Simplifies inventory.
12 Upper Anterior, 5 Lower Anterior, 3 Upper and Lower Posterior Moulds Reduces inventory requirements for maximum efficiency
High incisal translucency and mammelons Natural appearance and esthetics
Intuitive design, requires little to no grinding Fast set up time and vastly increased productivity


•  A Guide to Complete Denture Prosthetics (1511E)

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