Lingoform posterior teeth can be set up with Vitapan or VITA Physiodens anterior teeth

VITA Lingoform posterior teeth are designed to answer today’s need for lingualized occlusion, created by the emphasis on implant-retained overdentures and an increasing need for denture stability. Lingoform teeth feature 14% filler for increased wear resistance and strength, modifications to the ridge lap for less grinding, and harmonious material throughout for longevity. Lingoform posterior teeth can be set up with Vitapan or VITA Physiodens anterior teeth.

The main purpose of a lingualized occlusion denture set-up is the stabilization of the prosthetic restoration. A proper set-up reduces lateral excursion loading, which minimizes off-axis stress to the underlying bone structure. In implant-supported overdentures, lingualized occlusion minimizes destructive lateral forces on the implant.

VITA Lingoform posterior teeth make it possible to combine excellent function and superior esthetics. The occlusal surfaces in the mandibular teeth have a buccal cuspal inclination of 20 degrees and 15 degrees in the lingual area. In the maxillary, the somewhat deeper occlusal surface relief comes very close to nature without sacrificing function. The teeth’s 14% glass filler load provides for added strength during mastication. The ridge lap has been reduced to facilitate faster set up. VITA Lingoform indications are:

  • complete denture prosthetics
  • implant supported overdentures
  • attachments
  • partial dentures

VITA Lingoform posterior teeth are designed to answers today’s need for lingualized occlusion

VITA Lingoform is available in all 26 VITA System 3D-Master shades and in Bleached color (0M3) as well as in all VITAPAN  Classical A1 – D4 shades (except B1). Lingoform is available in four upper and lower moulds 21L, 222L, 23 L and 24L.


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