VITA Tooth Characterization Kit

Today’s patients are demanding esthetic restorations in all fixed and removable restorations. In removable partial dentures, many times the restoration is adjacent to nature teeth. This can present a challenge trying to match a natural tooth which has age related changes in tooth color. In full dentures, the patient often desires characterization of the anterior teeth to give the denture the appearance of natural teeth.

The VITA Tooth Characterization Kit addresses these needs by providing materials that can provide internal modifications to acrylic denture teeth. The procedure is simple: reduction of the lingual aspect of the incisal and/or cervical, after wetting the cleaned surface with modeling liquid, the suitable shade material is layered in, and after a thin application of Window LC, the tooth is rebuilt with VITA VMLC resin materials and light cured in an appropriate light box.


(Fig.1) Lingual reduction of the VITA PHYSIODENS anterior is required for customizaton in the incisal area. In this way the structure of the labial surface is retained – subsequent, time-consuming contouring of a natural surface relief can be omitted.


(Fig.2) Adequate grinding of marginal areas (Fig.2) is required for smooth transition between VITA PHYSIODENS acrylic teeth and the light-curing microparticle composite VITAVMLC.


(Fig.3) The desired reduction is performed in the cervical area without altering the tooth shape.


(Fig.4 ) The ground surface is cleaned carefully and wetted with VITAVMLC MODELLING LIQUID.


(Fig.5) Depending on which type of customization is to be achieved, the suitable shade is layered in


(Fig.6 ) To ensure perfect application, a thin layer of VITAVMLC WINDOW is applied. The tooth is built up with VITAVMLC ENAMEL, EFFECT ENAMEL or NEUTRAL materials


(Fig.7) After the end polymerization, the restoration is finished using suitable abrasive tools and polished.

VITA VM LC Tooth Characterization Kit
Order No. KX44-0001
1 PT1, Birch White, 2g
1 PT3, Sun Kiss Yellow, 2g
1 PT5, Gold Earth, 2g
1 PT8, Almond, 2g
1 PT9, Burnt Clay, 2g
1 PT12, Redwood, 2g
1 PT13, Grey, 2g
1 PT15, Chestnut-Brown, 2g
1 PT17, Niagara Blue, 2g
1 PT19, Light-Blue, 2g
1 EE3, 4g
1 EE6, 4g
1 EE9, 4g
1 NT, 4g
1 WIN, 4g
1 ENL, 4g
1 END, 4g

VITA VM LC Tooth Characterization Re-order Materials 2g
Order No. – Shade
KX44-4401 – Birch White
KX44-4403 – Sun Kiss Yellow
KX44-4405 – Gold Earth
KX44-4408 – Almond
KX44-4409 – Burnt Clay
KX44-4412 – Redwood
KX44-4413 – Grey
KX44-4415 – Chestnut-Brown
KX44-4417 – Niagara Blue
KX44-4419 – Light-Blue

VITA VM LC Tooth Characterization Re-order Materials 4g
Order No. – Shade
KX44-4093 – EE3
KX44-4096 – EE6
KX44-4099 – EE9
KX44-4201 – NT
KX44-4181 – WIN
KX44-4191 – ENL
KX44-4192 – END