The high translucency of VITABLOCS Mark II ceramics guarantees excellent shade matching with the patient’s remaining natural tooth substance. Moreover, the restorations can be individualized in shade and esthetically perfected with the porcelains of the VITA VM 9 ESTHETICS KIT, VITA SHADING PASTE or VITA AKZENT Plus. But the real beauty of VITABLOCS is that they don‘t have to be – they‘re beautiful straight from the mill.


With more than 20 million restorations fabricated in a period of more than 20 years, VITABLOCS Mark II ceramic has demonstrated its reliability. The clinical survival rates of more than 90 percent for inlays, onlays and crowns correspond to the gold standard and ensure permanent resistance to stress. Moreover the excellent etchability of the VITABLOCS ceramic ensures safe bonding to the tooth substance.

VITABLOCS Mark II guarantee efficient processing. They are suitable to fabricate fully anatomical and tooth-colored restorations without any layering technique and do not require additional firing processes.

Outstanding esthetics:
In combination with the wide range of shades (3D-MASTER/classical), the excellent translucency of VITABLOCS Mark II creates a natural play of colors.

Thanks to its properties, the VITABLOCS ceramic is a material very similar to natural teeth and hence guarantees unsurpassed biocompatibility. The material, for example, exhibits abrasion behavior comparable to that of natural enamel.


Product PDFs:

• VITABLOCS Product Information (1675E)

• VITABLOCS Product Information French (1675F)

• VITABLOCS Working Instructions (1769E)

• VITABLOCS Working Instructions French (1769F)

• VITABLOCS – The Concept (1454E)

• VITABLOCS for CEREC/inLab Working Instructions (1455E)

• Bonding Recommendations (10146E)