Pre-sintered circular blanks made from yttria partially stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP)

VITA YZ DISC HT is a high-translucent, pre-sintered circular blank made from yttria partially stabilized zirconia (Y-ZTP).

This material is distinguished by natural light refraction properties. Due to the high level of translucency of VITA YZ DISC HT, veneering is not required.

VITA YZ DISC HT is a relatively inexpensive yet attractive alternative to non-veneered or partially-veneered metal restorations.


  • Outstanding esthetics and biocompatibility.
  • Thanks to the high translucency, fully anatomical restorations can be fabricated, which do not need to be veneered.
  • Relatively inexpensive and attractive alternative to non-veneered or partially-veneered metal restorations.
  • VITA YZ DISC HT has a high flexural strength of > 900 MPa.
  • Thanks to its remarkable stability, VITA YZ DISC HT can be used to fabricate delicate restorations that support non-adhesive cementation.
  • VITA YZ DISC HT can be sintered in the VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS using the HighSpeed mode.


Fully anatomical restorations, anterior and posterior crowns and multi-unit bridges.

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• VITA YZ Technical and scientific documentation (10160E)

• VITA YZ DISC HT Product Brochure (1981E)

• VITA YZ HT – precision esthetics (10155E)

• VITA YZ HT Working Instructions (10166E)

• VITA YZ DISC Working Instructions (1649E)




These liquids are designed to color monolithic VITA YZ HT restorations, prior to sintering. VITA YZ HT SHADE LIQUIDs are available in 7 VITA classical A1-D4® shades and in 7 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® shades, as well as additional supplementary shades for the gingival, cervical and incisal areas.



Pre-sintered DISCs made from yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide (Y-TZP)

VITA In-Ceram YZ – thanks to its outstanding material strength (> 900 MPa) – enables the fabrication of delicate crown and bridge structures with optimum marginal accuracy. VITA In-Ceram YZ is considered as the “diamond” among dental ceramics! VITA In-Ceram has been a leading all-ceramic restorative material for over 14 years, with extraordinarily successful long-term clinical results.

This powerful combination of technology, software and materials means complete reliability and flexibility to meet patient and dentist expectations.

Substructures are veneered with the VITA VM 9 veneering ceramic. VITA customers benefit from a perfectly matched system of veneering and substructure ceramic.


High clinical safety / load strength:
A very high material strength (> 900 MPa) and excellent fracture toughness values. Around 10 years of clinical experience.

Excellent marginal fit / high quality:
The extremely homogeneous material ensures a consistently high degree of marginal accuracy and distortion-free sintering. The precise determination of the scaling factor for each batch -– and the information stored on the DISC – guarantee a controlled degree of sintering shrinkage, and hence optimum precision.

Wide range of indications:
VITA In-Ceram YZ covers all indications from crown substructures to multi-unit bridge substructures with ten bridge units with a maximum of two adjacent pontics.

HighSpeed sintering:
In 80 minutes with the VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000MS.

Anterior and posterior crowns and multi-unit bridges

VITA In-Ceram YZ can be shaded with YZ COLORING LIQUIDS. Also available in the three color nuances light, medium and intense.

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• VITA YZ DISC Product Brochure (1980E)