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VITA has produced three additional block sizes: the YZ-14, designed for single tooth substructures, and the VITA In-Ceram YZ 65/40 and YZ 85/40, larger blocks that are best for multi-unit bridge substructures and stack milling of multiple single-unit restorations.

The VITA YZ-14 is the smallest block size of the In-Ceram YZ product line (13x13x14mm), making it ideal for single tooth substructures for the anterior and posterior area. Because of its size, the VITA YZ-14 permits efficient use of the material, offering economic efficiency for inLab users with small milling systems. The blocks are available either non-colored or pre-colored in shade LL1. The pre-shaded blocks eliminate the need for any manual coloration of the substructures, while non-colored blocks can be shaded using the VITA YZ Coloring Liquid.

The VITA YZ 65/40 and YZ 85/40 are ideal for multi-unit bridge substructures and can accommodate up to 10 bridge units with up to two adjacent pontics. These larger blocks are indicated for stack milling of multiple single tooth restorations, offering efficient and economic processing with the Sirona inLab software (version 3.60 or greater).


High clinical safety / load strength:
A very high material strength (> 900 MPa) and excellent fracture toughness values. Around 10 years of clinical experience.

Excellent marginal fit / high quality:
The extremely homogeneous material ensures a consistently high degree of marginal accuracy and distortion-free sintering. The precise determination of the scaling factor for each batch – and the information stored in the barcode of the block – guarantee a controlled degree of sintering shrinkage, and hence optimum precision.

Reduced production time:
Thanks to the industrially pre-shaded VITA In-Ceram YZ Color LL1p blocks, there is no need for manual coloration.

Homogeneous shading:
Industrially pre-shaded blocks guarantee homogeneous shading throughout, and hence consistently reproducible aesthetics.

Wide range of indications:
VITA In-Ceram YZ covers all indications from crown substructures to multi-unit bridge substructures with ten bridge units with a maximum of two adjacent pontics.

Anterior and posterior crowns and multi-unit bridges

VITA In-Ceram YZ can be shaded with YZ COLORING LIQUIDS. In addition to this, VITA zirconium dioxide is also available as an industrially pre-shaded version in the shade Color LL1p.


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