These acrylic blocks and discs are for milling casting models for the fabrication of metal crown and bridge substructures and burn out without leaving any residue. They offer increased strength and rigidity for milled structures compared to structures made from modelling wax. The milled molds can be combined with casting wax or prefabricated patterns used in casting techniques.

When using the Sirona inLab, an advantage lies in the fact that during the design process the software takes minimum layer thicknesses and juncture sizes into account; these parameters are essential factors to obtaining a reliable basis for the final restoration.

When using inLab, a special Starter Set from Sirona is required. This set includes a modified tank with a reinforced filter system. Exchanging the tank for milling the CAD-Waxx blocks is done in the same manner as exchanging the water.

The new CAD-Waxx blocks offer two major benefits:

Omission of modelling wax – without the familiar annoying problems.

Check design for control and try-in before completion of the restoration from the selected material.

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