Three levels of translucency and saturation in ONE BLOCK

The VITA TriLuxe bloc is designed for milling in the CEREC3 CAD/CAM Milling System. In addition to the outstanding light transmission and fluorescent properties found in the popular VITA Mark II ceramic blocs, TriLuxe milling blocs offer three different color saturations and three different translucencies integrated into one bloc.

The TriLuxe bloc makes it possible to copy the optical characteristics of a natural tooth, including translucency and color intensity, as well as consistently achieve a better integration of the restoration into the remaining natural dentition.

TriLuxe is separated into three softly gradiated levels: The middle layer (body) represents a regular intensity; the top layer (enamel) offers a lower, less intense chroma with increased translucency and the lower layer (neck) offers high color saturation and a low amount of translucency. TriLuxe blocs are indicated for crowns in both the anterior and posterior regions.

All sizes are available in VITA 3D-MASTER® Shades 1M2C, 2M2C, and 3M2C for CEREC.

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