VITA Rapid Layer Technology

Simple and fast fabrication of substructures and veneers with a mouse click

Benefit now from VITA Rapid Layer Technology and prepare a fully anatomical, multi-unit bridge restoration with a fully computer-assisted manufacturing procedure. Innovative software automatically calculates the milling data and full contour milled TriLuxe forte veneering structures combine with high strength milled YZ frameworks for easy processing and production. Simply bond the two pieces together using resin cement for a finished restoration ready for placement. With VITA Rapid Layer Technology it is possible to produce high-strength, esthetic bridges with up to 4 units without pressing or hand-layering the veneering porcelain to the substructure.

VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte for Rapid Layer Technology

VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte are now available in a 40/19 size for highly efficient CAD/CAM veneering of bridge substructures with CEREC®/inLab MC XL.


• Efficient processing with a fully computerized work process
• Eliminates the need for traditional porcelain layering or pressing
• Simple bonding to zirconia substructure with resin cement
• Zirconia framework and TriLuxe forte veneer are perfectly matched for optimum processing
• Clinically proven wear and abrasion behavior
• Superior milling properties
• Enhanced esthetics with increased color saturation and esthetics

Suitable for the manufacture of CAD/CAM veneers over posterior bridge substructures with up to four units

Product type/shape
VITABLOCS polychromatic feldspar ceramic in size TF-40/19 (15.5 x 19 x 39mm) and 3 shades : 1M2C, 2M2C, 3M2C

• VITA Rapid Layer working Instructions (1741E)