VITA ENAMIC® Implant Solutions

Deliver Implant Restorations in a Single Visit!

Unbelievably Fast. Naturally Resilient.

Introducing the VITA ENAMIC IS CAD/CAM block – the natural choice for implant restorations. Increase profitability with a simplified patient workflow for up to 50% faster chairtime and proven clinical performance.  Plus, with all the characteristics of a natural tooth, the dual-network ceramic material of VITA ENAMIC IS delivers unrivaled resiliency and force-absorption for higher implant success. This evolution in material offers a balanced blend of energy distribution, fracture resistance and reliability.

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“As a clinician, I want to give the most natural restorations to my patients. VITA ENAMIC IS has all the characteristics of natural dentition including force absorption, which helps ensure more successful implant treatment. This helps make my practice truly unique.”
-Dr. Daniel Vasquez Oceanside, CA

Patterson Dental

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