VITA SIMULATE Preparation Material


Light-curing die material

VITA SIMULATE Preparation Material is a light-curing composite for the fabrication of artificial dies to simulate the shade of the prepared tooth.

The material is used especially for the fabrication of translucent all-ceramic restorations in which the shade effect is mainly influenced by the color of the die. The product allows dental technicians to reproduce the tooth shade more easily and safely since the shade of the restoration can be controlled in advance and corrected if required.


Simple processing:
Simple processing thanks to excellent modeling properties!

Reliable shade reproduction:
Enables reliable and simple shade reproduction by reproducing the shade of the prepared tooth

Auxiliary material to simulate the shade of the die in order to fabricate all-ceramic restorations with perfectly reproduced shades.

Available in 6 shades: of 0M1S, 1M1S, 2M3S, 3M2S, 4M3S and 5M3S in syringes containing 4 g each

Product PDF:

• VITA SIMULATE working instruction (1461E)