VITA Interno Stains

The Interno effect powders, developed by Claude Sieber, enable the ceramist to reproduce the internal structures found in the interior of a natural tooth. The VITA Interno powders achieve a perfect reproduction of in-depth shade effects, particularly when reproducing the color found in the incisal area of natural teeth. They can also be used to create the additional illusion of depth when space is limited. Interno powders are for use in both VITA metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations.


  • Increased luminescence due to intensified light transmission
  • High fluorescence to increase the effects of light and depth
  • Interno powders are particularly suitable for washing-in to the Dentine and enamel area
  • They can be mixed with translucent powders for layering to
  • increase the chromatic effect
  • Used to create the illusion of depth when space is lacking


VITA Interno Stain Kit
Order No. V42-0001
12 Interno Effect Powders, 5g
1 Interno Liquid, 20 ml
1 Mixing Palette
1 Glass Spatula – E30
1 Stain Brush – CS7
1 Interno Shade Sample Disc
1 Working Instructions

VITA Interno Stain Reorder Materials
VITA Interno Stains, 5g refill
Order No. Description
V42-1001 Int 01 (White Smoke)
V42-1002 Int 02 (Sand)
V42-1003 Int 03 (Lemon Chrome)
V42-1004 Int 04 (Sunflower)
V42-1005 Int 05 (Coral Blush)
V42-1006 Int 06 (Gold Earth)
V42-1007 Int 07 (Gold Misty Lilac)
V42-1008 Int 08 (Marina)
V42-1009 Int 09 (Cream Pearl)
V42-1010 Int 10 (Burnt Orange)
V42-1011 Int 11 (Clove)
V42-1012 Int 12 (Splinter)

V42-1020 Interno Liquid, 20 ml
A51-240 Mixing Palette
A51-261 Glass Spatula – E30
A51-600 Red Sable Kolinsky Brush – No.000
G68-923 Interno Shade Sample Disc

VITA North America Die Sealer Pen – 2 pk
A quick and economical way of providing a sealed surface for porcelain application.
Order No. A41-351

VITA Modisol Insulating Pen
Provides clean and accurate separation of the build up from the plaster model with real application time savings.
Order No. A41-251