Easy Polishing Instruments

The Easy Polishing System offers efficient and effective finishing of all CAD/CAM ceramics in just 2 steps.
These high performance diamond grinders and polishers eliminate the need for a pre-polishing step.

Less time required to finish and polish all-ceramic restorations
Eliminates the need for glazing
No heat build-up or grooving
Prevents formation of micro-cracks
Will not scratch all-ceramic restorations
High luster polishing and smoothing

Easy Polishing System
Easy polishing instruments

Produce a high luster appearance without the need of polishing pastes or re-firing with glazes. Easy Polishing Sets meet all application requirements, offering a variety of shapes for excellent visibility of the working area for every kind of anatomy or contouring procedure.

Processed ceramics remain stable during the finishing of CAD/CAM restorations. Even high-strength materials such as zirconia and aluminum oxide can be finished and polished with Easy Polishing Instruments.

Easy grinders and polishers are available with HP and RA shanks for laboratory or intra-oral, contra angle applications. Easy Polishing Sets offer multiple shapes and 2 grits each of grinders and polishers. Also available separately, these exceptional instruments are color-coded for quick and easy identification and selection.



Easy HP Grinder Easy HP Grinder
Easy HP Polisher Easy HP Polisher
Easy HP Polisher Easy HP Grinder
Easy HP Polisher Easy HP Polisher


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