Get the Artistry Back with VITA Porcelain


Shade Match Straight from the Bottle:  If you are using a VITA shade guide, be sure to use authentic VITA porcelains for a precise shade match every time. No porcelain mixing and matching required.
Exceptional Characterization:  Wide array of effect porcelains that make restorations indistinguishable from the real thing. VITA porcelains offer mastery of opalescence, fluorescence, translucency and nuanced shade.
Combination Cases are a Snap:  Tricky combination cases are simple when using VITA PFM and all-ceramic porcelains in combination or integrating with VITA denture teeth.
Exceptional Wear Properties:  VITA porcelains benefit from an extremely high quality manufacturing process that results in a small, uniform particle size for exceptional wear-kindness, intraoral longevity and long-term patient satisfaction
Easy Layering Technique:  2- and 3-powder layering techniques for excellent esthetics.

Download the VITA VM Concept Brochure



“The key to dental esthetics begins with nature. My passion for dental technology continues to grow each day because I see how we affect the quality of people’s lives. It all begins with materials that closely replicate nature.” – Victor Castro, CDT

“There is an artistic resurgence in our profession that has truly reignited my passion. More than ever, technicians have to separate themselves with their skill set and demand higher fees for their quality of work.” – Bobby Williams, CDT

“We boast less than a 1% remake factor, which is exceptional in this business. Anyone doing esthetic work should invest in the VITA system of shade management tools and restorative materials. Go ahead and set your expectations as high as you like with VITA.” – Amos Harting, CDT

“When I use VITA porcelain, stress goes down and profit goes up. I like that. When a doctor asks for a VITA classical or 3D-MASTER® shade, why custom mix something and possibly use two or three different powders to create a shade that already exists as one powder out of the bottle from VITA?” – Bill Mrazek, CDT

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