YZ Presentation image 4Expanding its popular VITA YZ system, VITA introduces new high translucent YZ discs and blocks, available in both pre-colored and non-colored variations. Along with matching system components for reliable shade reproduction, VITA YZ HT blocks offer ideal solutions for the precise fabrication of durable monolithic crown or bridge restorations and fully anatomical restorations from a single source.


VITA YZ HT discs and blocks are high-translucent, zirconium oxide pre-colored and non-colored discs that offer uniform shade consistency. For optimal shade matching, VITA YZ HT discs are available in three VITA System 3D-Master shades: 1M2, 2M2 and 3M2. In addition, the product is available in three VITA Classical shades: A1, A2 and A3. With the addition of high translucency, VITA YZ HT offers even greater lifelike restorations that more closely resemble natural dentition. Primarily suited for fully anatomical anterior and posterior bridge restorations, the material is also well-matched for single crown restorations.


VITA YZ HT discs and blocks are also available without color. These monolithic crown or bridge restorations can be individually colored with VITA YZ HT Shade Liquids. Characterization and individualized veneering are possible with VITA AKZENT Plus stains and VITA VM 9 veneering ceramic.


VITA YZ HT discs provide a high strength and translucent material that offers approximately 1,200 MPA of flexural strength and allows for reduced wall thickness – as thin as 0.5 mm. Due to the high level of translucency, veneering is not required, offering a relatively inexpensive and attractive alternative to non-veneered or partially-veneered metal restorations. Another advantage is that users of VITA YZ HT discs benefit from VITA’s excellent quality control process. Unlike many competitive YZ materials, which can contain porosities and non-uniform particle sizes, VITA YZ HT discs are extremely uniform and without porosities, enabling accurate sintering results, excellent marginal integrity and superior reliability.


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