VITA Supports Alaska Mission of Mercy Event


On April 11 and 12, more than one thousand community volunteers, including 300 dentists, donated their time, resources and skill to provide free dental care to local Anchorage, Alaska residents who have been unable to receive dental treatment. VITA partnered with customer Castable Ceramics in Anchorage to provide free VITA dental teeth for the event.

Sponsored by the Anchorage Rotary Club and the Alaska Dental Society, the inaugural Alaska Mission of Mercy was held at the Dena’ina Convention Center and provided treatment to nearly 1600 residents at an estimated care value of over $1.1 million. Overall, the program provided approximately 800 cleanings, 2700 x-rays, 1,200 filling, 100 root canals, 1500 extractions and more than 80 partial dentures. In a two day period of time, Castable Ceramics donated their time and expertise to make 87 partial dentures and repaired or replaced teeth in 24 more. Most of the appliances made were multi-tooth pieces ranging from 3-6 teeth. “Alaska Mission of Mercy was a huge success based on the efforts of many,” says Sean Siegel, president of Castable Ceramics. “VITA made it possible for a lot of people to smile!”

In addition to treatment, Mission of Mercy volunteers also provided oral cancer screenings and education, helping patients to understand the importance of good daily oral hygiene practices, a healthy diet and routine preventative dental care. Patients learned about the negative effects of soda, sugary beverages, tobacco products and the link between dental health and overall health.

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Alaska Mission of Mercy Event

Alaska Mission of Mercy Event