Vident certifies materials with IdentAlloy/IdentCeram certificates

In a great move that benefits the dental lab industry, dentists and patients,VITA North America recently signed on to join the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council and will begin providing certificates confirming the contents of the materials they use from VITA North America.

These certificates give the labs verification that the VITA North America materials they work with contain only the substances they expect, and this is information that can be passed along to the dentist to confirm that restorations made with VITA North America materials matches up to the prescription. Clinicians can also use the certificates to educate patients and confirm that they are providing the highest quality of care available.

VITA North America joins a long list of leading material manufacturers working with the Council and all of them deserve to be recognized as leaders pushing the industry toward greater reliability and accountability in the materials used to fabricate dental restorations.

Read the full press release below:

VITA North America to Back Its Material Quality and Content with IdentAlloy and IdentCeramCertificates

VITA North America, the Brea, California-based supplier of VITA dental restorative materials in North America, has signed onto the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council’s program of material content certification.

Laboratories will now receive certificates attesting to the content of restorative materials so that they and the dentists they serve can use them to verify compositions, explain material choices to patients, document insurance claims and file with permanent records.

“We welcome VITA North America and the VITA line to the program,” said Charles Yenkner, Executive Director of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council. “VITA North America is joining with other industry leaders in helping laboratories and dentists improve outcomes and build patient confidence andsatisfaction.”

”Quality and service have been core components of VITA North America’s value system since our founding 26 years ago,” according to Fred Ketcho, VITA North America CEO. “Joining the IdentAlloy/IdentCeramCouncil’s program gives our customers another tool to use in ensuring patients the best results.”

VITA North America provides customers with a wide range of VITA shade determination and restorative products. The company’s customers can also take advantage of its technical support team and professional education resources.

The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council is a nonprofit organization formed to raise healthcare standards through the documentation of alloys and ceramic materials used in dental restorations. More information regarding the Council’s materials documentation program and other activities is available by calling 888-577-2634 or at IdentAlloy andIdentCeram are trademarks of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council.