Vident Hosts DSG Labs for In-Depth Porcelain Training

Dental Services Group (DSG) lab managers recently made a commitment to use VITA porcelain materials in their dental laboratories, prompting VITA North America to organize a 3-day symposium to provide training and implementation support. Led by VITA North America Technical Instructor Ken Chizick, R.D.T., C.D.T., DSG lab managers from around the globe recently traveled to VITA North America headquarters in Brea, California, to attend a hands-on, in-depth training course using VITA porcelain materials. The goal of the workshop was to bring in all the DSG managers under one roof where they would have the opportunity to better understand the materials and their applications, as well as meet and bond with the entire VITA North America technical team. During the 3-day training, a full day of lecture was followed by two days of hands-on work where each attendee learned the specific applications and techniques on VITA porcelains to increase productivity and esthetics.


Participants (L to R):

Janet Kissling, Dresch, Toledo, OH
Tom Guyer, DSG Corporate, Harrisburg, PA
Francis Ciminea, Yankee Dental Arts, Hartford, CT
Karen Panavas, Davis, Grand Rapids, MI
Gary Karlsrud, Denticon, Tucson, AZ
Terry Adams, Huemann, Kansas City, MO
Betty Lafary, Muth & Mumma, Harrisburg, PA
Jennifer Doyle, DSG or Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Richard Harrell, DSG Corporate, Clearwater, FL
Gil Villavecer, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Wooyong Choi, Americus New York, New York, NY
Caroline Coman, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Mike McIntee, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Lisa Graye, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Jim McGuire, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Carlos Robayo, VITA North America, Brea, CA
Ken Chizick, Instructor, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rebecca Wade , Clearwater, FL
Ken Zaker, VITA North America, Brea, CA