VITA Expands VM Porcelain Line to Include New Esthetic Effect Porcelains

VITA has extended its range of VM porcelains to include three new Sun Dentines and Sun Opaques, as well as two additional Effect Opals. The Sun Dentines are used to vary the lightness of metal and all-ceramic restorations and provide a more luminous, “sunny” effect. The Sun Opaques in powder or paste form are designed for use with metal frameworks and provide more intensive shade effects in the red/yellow range.  The Effect Opal line now includes Blue and Dark Violet for lifelike opalescent effects in young or very translucent teeth. Individual kits with 12 gram bottles are available for Effect Opal (includes all 5) and the VM13 Sun (includes 3 Sun Opaques and 3 Sun Dentines).