Creating a “living” 3rd molar onlay with VITA ENAMIC

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Ehrlich Case Study – Onlays

CASE STUDY: Restoring Interproximal Caries Between the Second and Third Molars with Direct Composite and VITA ENAMIC® – Dr. Todd Ehrlich

untitled-design5Download this case study by Dr. Todd Ehrlich to see how he restored challenging 2nd and 3rd molars with interproximal caries. Learn why he chose composite for #15 and a milled VITA ENAMIC onlay for #16.

VITA ENAMIC onlays allow you to leverage a minimally invasive treatment plan, expand your clinical indications offering with CEREC, generate higher ROI and deliver the perfect blend of tooth-like characteristics.

Many of the direct restoration cases currently being performed would benefit from onlays. Understanding how to appropriately document a case to increase the potential for insurance reimbursement, as well as the availability of VITA ENAMIC, an ideal material for onlays, provides dentists with the optimal tools to successfully include an expanded indications strategy in their practice, and provide better patient care with long-lasting, higher-quality results.

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