Proven a million times over


Tooth-colored feldspar ceramic blanks for unsurpassed integration of the shade, proven a million times over

What for?

Ideal solutions for esthetic reconstructions of minor defects and for highly esthetic restorations in the visible region

With what?

VITABLOCS blanks are available in the following versions

  • monochromatic, tooth-colored: VITABLOCS Mark II
  • polychromatic, tooth-colored: VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte/RealLife

The advantages

Reliable – Fabricating reliable restorations, thanks to a durable material with very good clinical long-term reliability

Highly esthetic – Highly esthetic restorations, thanks to a material with superior play of colors and light

Cost-effective – Cost-effective reconstruction, thanks to time-saving CAM fabrication and efficient finalization polishing without any firing process

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CAD/CAM Blocks

Clinical Cases

Monolithic, time-efficient front tooth restoration with the best light dynamics

Clinical Case from Dr. Julio Gomez Paris, Santa Fe, Argentina

Clinical success rates for CAD/CAM crowns made of VITABLOCS feldspar ceramic

Clinical Case from Dentist PD Dr. Andreas Bindl Zurich, Switzerland