Lab Day Chicago 2016


Friday, February 26, 2016

Bobby-Williams 000 Blending Traditional Techniques and Veneering with Modern Restorations (9:00am – 10:30am) – Journey through step-by-step techniques for the fabrication and standardization of common restorative design requests, bringing added value to your technical skillset. Learn characterization tips and tricks for manipulating zirconia frameworks and monolithic crowns in order to produce exceedingly natural results, including: achieving shade with minimal room, hand-layering and feldspathic porcelain laminates on refractory dies. You will come away with a deeper understanding of how to flawlessly combine modern and traditional techniques to show your true mastery of ceramics.
“There is an artistic resurgence in our profession that has truly reignited my passion.
– Bobby Williams, CDT
Victor-Castro Complex Case Solutions: Restorative Options for Dento-Gingival Challenges (11:00am – 1:00pm) – Restorative zirconia designs range from frameworks to monolithic full contour and each type must be addressed differently to ensure the most esthetic of results. Zirconia is now also used for full mouth reconstruction, including gingiva reproduction. This program will help you become highly effective with your design and shade for all types of zirconia applications. Enjoy learning the techniques of colorant manipulation, tinting/staining for individual effects, and the potential of using zirconia as a high quality restorative option.
“It all begins with materials that closely replicate nature.”– Victor Castro, CDT
Marc-Wagenseil Think like a Denturist; Create like a Denturist (1:30pm – 3:00pm) – Reduce the stress of conventional denture problems and increase your productivity. Learn from a denturist that has worked “in the mouth” for over 28 years. Increase your knowledge and confidence in order to provide your clients and their patients a quality fitted denture. Whether you are a seasoned denture technician or new to the field, this exceptional program will provide insight, understanding and troubleshooting tips to succeed and profit with fixed/removable prosthetics. Join us and rekindle your passion for dentures!
“It is undeniable that VITA denture teeth have reduced the number of adjustments in my practice, increasing my profitability, productivity and patient satisfaction.”
– Marc Wagenseil, RDT


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dennis-Urban 000 Understanding Fixed and Removable Prosthetics to Improve Fit, Form, and Function (9:00am – 10:30am) – Learn proven techniques for implant-retained dentures including all-on-4, full and partial dentures. Explore pitfalls to avoid when creating high quality fixed hybrid and complete removable dentures and discover how to incorporate patient-specific individualization in a high capacity production environment. You will also gain insight into simple changes you can incorporate into your daily routine to build out your competitive edge.
“By using a VITA denture tooth, you are providing the best possible case for the patient and you are portraying your laboratory as a business with high standards that stands out from the rest.”
– Dennis Urban, CDT
Amos-Harting A Ceramist Perspective: Embracing CAD/CAM to Compete in the Modern Dental Market (11:00am – 12:30pm) – Feel like you need to adapt CAD/CAM into your lab to remain relevant but not sure where to turn? Gain insight from a lab owner who successfully made the leap. Explore modern all-ceramic and removable techniques and learn from real-world experience. Gain essential insight into material manipulation for amazing esthetic results and take a deeper dive into techniques for increasing visual depth, vitality, and texturing, all while providing superior fit, form and function. Most of all, learn how to have fun with CAD/CAM and increase profit!
“Esthetic excellence comes with choosing the right creative materials and individual artistic interpretation and application of those materials.” 
– Amos Harting, CDT
Felix-Pages Becoming Your Own Master: How to Build Profitability through Ceramic Esthetics (1:00pm – 2:30pm) – It doesn’t take an entire box of powders to create beautiful ceramic teeth, it only takes the knowledge of how to manipulate a few key powders. Work with a truly gifted ceramist to learn how to capture the beauty and essence of a natural tooth with efficient, minimal layering techniques. You’ll come away with useful tips on how to turn out amazing work with no increase in time or effort.
“Never compromise by using inadequate materials; material cost has little to do with profit, which is quickly eaten away by remakes and poor shade reproduction.” 
– Felix Pages, CDT


Bill-Mrazek 000 “When I use VITA porcelain, stress goes down and profit goes up.  I like that. When a doctor asks for a VITA Classical or 3D-Master shade, why custom mix something and possibly use two or three different powders to create a shade that already exists as one powder out of the bottle from VITA?”  – Bill Mrazek, CDT
Dennis-Purinton “The goal is to make the patient look natural, you can’t do that if your materials don’t replicate nature.” – Dennis Purinton, CDT