Life at VITA North America

“I like VITA North America because of the great reputation and the great working environment”
“VITA North America has a willingness to consider new ideas and there is an abundance of talent in all departments”
“I enjoy the respect of the company and my customers”
“My peers are willing to help in tough situations and I get good support from the home office”

VITA North America’s Company Culture and Core Values

VITA North America provides a challenging yet comfortable working environment for all our employee/shareholders.  Ask our employees what they like best about working at VITA North America, and they will tell you “it’s the people.” VITA North America employees are helpful, professional, and caring in their dealings with both external and internal customers.

Driven by a consistent set of shared core values, our focus is clear.  These core values are:  (1) providing products and support of only the highest quality,  (2) creating and maintaining satisfied customers,  (3) perpetuating a rewarding, highly satisfying work environment for our employees, and (4) taking a conservative approach to long-term growth of our business.

The teamwork and shared commitment to these core values are the essence of our corporate culture. VITA North America offers the opportunity to thrive and become an integral part of a team that is making positive contributions on a daily basis to the success of both our company and our customers. As an employer, our objective is to continually encourage open, honest, and straightforward communication, while working aggressively toward these common goals. Our employees are valued and rewarded for their loyalty, sense of urgency, hard work, and results-oriented, can-do attitude by recognition, career advancement, ownership through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), as well as competitive salary and benefits compensation.

What’s it like to work for VITA North America?  It’s pretty cool.